When I first started working with Rita, I didn’t know if she was for real. I liked what she had to say, but I didn’t think it was possible to live in such a carefree manner. I knew I wanted what she had, but I didn’t know how to get there. My life was a train wreck and I had not mastered how to live life on life’s terms. My worth was at an all-time low. Rita has taught me that my value and worth were instilled in me at birth and that I need to unravel this false information one layer at a time.

My journey with Rita has not always been copacetic because I was not willing to do the work. Rita let me flounder for about six weeks and during that period I reverted back to my old self, but realized I didn’t like what was happening to me. So, I got back with Rita and started doing the work and magically things started to change.

Rita is so passionate about what she does and is so knowledgeable. Sometimes I don’t get what she is talking about, but she will take the time to explain it to me so that I have a better understanding of what she is trying to say. She does not make me feel stupid, but encourages me and lets me know I don’t have to feel that way.

Rita’s guidance has helped me with relationships with others. She has taught me to remove myself from controversy. She has taught me I am worthy and deserve to have good things happen to me. I am finally learning to be the Watcher.

E.A., Tennessee

Less than a year ago, I started working with Rita. I had been an ‘over-reacting machine’ recently, so a friend referred me to Rita. I noticed how patient and peaceful she seemed and that was exactly what I needed! And I’m so relieved to not only have a 70% increase in patience and peace in my life, but an increased level of awareness and communication with myself and my partner.  Thank you!

Best Regards

A. W., Atlanta, GA

I have “done” seminars such as Abraham Hicks, PSIseminars.com, the Landmark Forum, Don Miguel Ruiz, Buddhist retreats, and others. And I’m thankful for the experience of those events, as ultimately, I believe it all led me to Rita Friedman. Rita is capable of taking the wisdom of the ages and applying it to real life. If you have a great pain or personal tragedy, as I did, or whether nothing at all has actually happened but you find yourself in a chronic state of worry and anxiety…Rita can help you set yourself apart. Theoretical concepts such as detachment from outcome, unconditionally loving yourself, and being present can become reality. More basic challenges such as jealousy, judgment, and other people irritating you, can dissolve. Rita offers real-world tools, useable information and has already supported my evolution. My business is doubling and tripling, I’m attracting higher vibrational people to my life, and most importantly, I spend more time happy, healthy and in love!

D.L., Las Vegas, NV

When I started working with my mom a little over a year ago, I was hardly a believer. However, my life was a whirl wind of drama, and ego. It was hard for me to realize that my reality was created by none other than, myself. It seemed like the more I tried ignoring it, the more it was being thrown in my face. The universe was telling me to “wake up!” So, with much persistence on my moms behalf, I started listening, and then started applying. My mom allowed me to see that I possessed the tools to my own happiness, and so, began my evolution. Once I became aware it was like opening Pandoras Box. It gave me such a bigger appreciation for my family, for everything I have been blessed with, and even more so, an appreciation for life. Looking back 3 years ago, and even a year ago, the changes are undeniable! Something that I had convinced myself was “hard” in fact, was the exact opposite. I have a long way to go, and by no means am I perfect, but I have come a far way and am very proud of the person I am today. My mom had opened my eyes to a world that most people never even realize is right inside of themselves. Now, I am living in the moment and am enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you mom for OPENING MY EYES, and showing me true happiness!

M. F., Atlanta, GA 

A while ago, I had the good fortune to enjoy lunch with a friend of mine for the first time in nearly three months. Far too long, but you know how it goes sometimes… We became very close in the late 1990’s as we both participated in a profound group therapy experience that, I believe, changed everyone involved. That program, after several years, ran its course. Fast forward 11 years, and I had stayed away from any formal self-improvement groups. My lunch friend, on the other hand, had participated in group therapy subsequent to our experience for most of the last 10 years… Except now something was different. She left her group several months earlier, and was now, after so many years of knowing her, in a very different, empowered space. Some of the emotional challenges that had vexed her back during our group work together — and quite frankly hadn’t gotten tremendously better with her new group — were now topics of the past. These previously highly-charged topics were now topics to be discussed as though we were talking about the weather, and put to rest just as quickly.

I was floored. And the changes didn’t stop there.

Since our shared group experience long ago, I have been on the sidelines, for over 10 years now. Dabbling, but not seriously making the changes I wanted to make knowing that the next ‘big push’ needed to utilize effective tools that were really going to make a profound difference. After lunch with my friend, I knew beyond a doubt, that Rita and her powerful Formula is the real deal; this highly potent and effective tool would take me to a place of true awareness and being. There is really no need to look any further. So many authors describe their enlightenment experiences, but can share little in the way of how the rest of us can get there. Rita teaches that getting to a state of ongoing consciousness, an intense focus on ‘The Now’, is for all of us, not just a select few. And, it’s not nearly as difficult as our ego might like us to believe. In fact, it’s easy if we continue to follow The Formula Rita prescribes.

Although I have only been doing this work for a short time, I already see significant shifts around me that are wonderful to observe and unmistakably the result of the work I have done with Rita. Almost instantly after embarking on this journey, I noticed that people are interacting with me differently. It’s tough to describe, but I almost feel like a human magnet, with people being increasingly attracted to me, being very friendly; and my reaction to them being warmer and more cordial than before. I am more present with people, and am more aware of their response to me. Even better than that, my children appear to be reaping the benefits as well. They are even more happy, more engaged in life; and we are even closer than before.

If you want the real deal, the one thing to take you to the level of true consciousness, I heartily endorse Rita’s Formula, and recommend that you read her book.

R.F., Atlanta, GA

I’ve always been a strong believer in the saying that “actions speak louder than words.” Well if my actions weren’t proof enough that I was unhappy, my words were always there to further enforce it. At this time in my life, my competitive nature and my need to be right (my ego) were who was in charge of me and my lack of happiness. I identified myself as a type A personality, a leader, one always with an opinion; and this caused a lot of internal stress for a majority of my life.

Suggested reading and words of wisdom were presented to me by Rita on a daily basis. But because Rita Friedman also went by “Mom” to me, her advice was more often than not brushed to the side. It was only when I began to see positive results in her other patients (and things were so beyond ok with me) did I finally take her up on her offer to chat. We began talking on a weekly basis.  She would come down to my college town of Carrollton and we’d meet for lunch. I noticed a change in myself, that was also recognized by others. My outlook on most things started to shift to the positive and un-opinionated.  I was less stressed out and overwhelmed because I ‘assumed’ that all would be well; I began to not engage in things that were not positive for me and my best interest: I became the watcher.

Yakov Smirnoff once said, “I fed my ego, but not my soul.” I believe in the power of words, I believe in the power of what Rita (my mom) is trying to do because it was by her constant reminder of “reality is what you make it,” that my soul found nourishment.  Now when I look in the mirror, I embrace the person looking back at me.

Thanks Mom, Love you

Ali Friedman

My time working with Rita has been unprecedented! Consciousness work is by far the single most important thing you can do for yourself, as well as for those around you.  The tools she provided me have affected every aspect of my life, not just what I initially anticipated.

I feel I see my “weaknesses” for what they really are: not in fact weaknesses at all but strengths and opportunities for growth. I can now recognize why I react the way I do or think the way I think, and it’s only in that self-awareness that you can begin to change and grow.  The biggest difference I see with this work is being able to accept and recognize the ego for what it is, and disengage its connection in making decisions where it doesn’t belong.

Working towards conscious (even to only experience it in bits and pieces) is, for me, one step closer to true harmony and peace. I will always be grateful for this eye-opening experience.

L.M., Atlanta, GA

Rita’s work is transformative on every level.  Working with her has helped me be more energetic, creative, and to connect more deeply with everyone and everything around me. This work is a multi-dimensional experience of body, mind, and spirit that will be ever evolving.

P. W., Atlanta, GA

I began working with Rita many months before I even realized she was a teacher for me.  I have been making seven hour trips (each way!) to Atlanta to get an upper cervical adjustment from her husband, Russell for several years.  The two of them are always kind and generous. We have long been friends with both of them and they have always invited us into their home to rest the night before heading back — and besides, Rita’s cooking is worth the ride up anyway!

On one of our rides home, my wife and I began to talk about the conversations we were having with Rita.  We both felt something occur in our chests, an opening,  and we both simultaneously began to cry tears of sweet peace.  We actually couldn’t talk for the next twenty minutes.  We realized that although Rita might not look like what we think “The Teacher” would look like, she had been quietly and firmly guiding us for many months.  They say that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  She had already been in our lives and we just finally realized the jewel of friendship that she had always freely given us.

Rita has encouraged me to call her whenever I need to and given the work we are doing, it is imperative. Firmly but gently, Rita brings me back to my center and reminds me I am the one watching not the one caught in all the “stuff”. For months I argued with her about Rule Number One. How in the world can it always be about me? Problems have always seemed to be out there… if I could just fix…out there… I would feel so much better… Time and again, she firmly dissuaded me, no matter what everyone else in this crazy world thinks, if I have a problem, it is MY problem.  When in true despair, I changed my own perspective; the problems began to drop away. Not all at once, but slowly and exactly in proportion to how much work I was putting forth in affirming what I want and not worrying about what I don’t want.

I called her up one day in total dread.  My heart was thumping, my blood pressure was dangerously high. I felt trapped and “knew” that none of this was working. I told her I thought that if I continued the work, I would die. She answered quickly and simply. “So what?” she said to me. At that moment something released and I realized she had called my ego’s bluff. So what indeed. I am an infinite being having a relatively short experience being a human being on the Earth. I can’t die, only my body, my illusions, my history, my ego.

Rita speaks to me of immersion in the process. It is essential. I can see that even from my vantage point. The world is devious and all encompassing. Without active immersion in present-time consciousness, without immersion in affirming the actual incredible truth of my being, I get lost in the vapid, meaningless, busy-ness of day to day life (getting by!). I don’t want to be asleep anymore. I want to wake up. I want to feel joy and bliss when I open my eyes in the morning. I practice it now. “Fake it till you make it.” has been the most powerful tool for me. There are days when I don’t “believe” the infinite truth of my being. I am lost in depression and unworthiness and a host of other excuses for not having the courage (heart strength) to remember who I am. So just saying it out loud to others and to myself over and over, sometimes all day long, sometimes just for a few minutes till the clouds pass and the Sun comes out again, provides the bridge I need to return to the peace of Now.

One day, Rita asked me what I want in life. I told her, I just want to keep my home; I just want to keep my business; I want to have a loving relationship with my wife. She asked me what I have. I told her that I am just holding onto my house and business and I have a loving relationship with my wife. Rita remarked that I am a fantastic manifestor. Then she suggested that perhaps I might want to manifest more than a basic subsistence! Prosperity and success won’t come if I feel unworthy of them and am constantly affirming this lack. Now I am affirming prosperity and success beyond my needs and interestingly, it is beginning to manifest!

As I work on myself I am seeing the world around me change too. There is a lightness and a freedom in uncoupling myself from the past and the future. There is a great unburdening that occurs when I stop “planning for the future” and dissecting my actions in the past. Now, right now, is a place that is expanding and opening up the possibilities of my life. The truth is that the past and future are just stories that my ego tells to maintain the shape it has stolen from who I really am. They say that no one travels down this path voluntarily. It is the most difficult work imaginable but I have no choice. I have tasted the sweet peace at my center and I yearn to live there all the time. There is a remembrance, a recognition of something much more “real” that I am, and it is pulling me toward it. Contrary to my ego’s chatter, I don’t have to change anything, do anything, stop doing anything… I already am. It isn’t even about becoming, it is about remembering unceasingly that there is only One and I am That.

This journey has many chapters. I recently had to take my beloved fifteen-year-old dog to be put to sleep. He had lived a long and sweet life. This deed was very disturbing to me. I prayed for several days for strength and peace for myself so I could do this action and also for Timmy, my dog. When the time came, it went badly for Tim and I was devastated. I called Rita. I told her that while waiting in the reception area, a friend had come out of the back and she quickly came over to me (I was crying) and she comforted us both. I had no idea I would see her that day. Afterwards, I was sitting in my truck, quite overcome with emotion and as I waited at the end of the driveway at the clinic, another friend drove by, he saw me, realized what I had been doing, and drove to my house ahead of me. He was there to support me when I got home. I had no idea he would be there. Rita reminded me a couple of days later when I called her that as Rule Number One always reminds, this was about me and what I brought to the situation. Tim had his own karmic situation, but what had I brought to this moment? I realized I had brought nothing but love, care, and appreciation for my little dog. And, Rita, asked, what had come back to me? Two people who don’t know each other or even that I would be there at that time, “spontaneously” and incredibly, chose to give me love and care in the very moments I was feeling the most lost. The universe was working without a hitch whether I could see it or not. Everything that happens, Rita reminds me, is exactly what is needed to teach what is needed to wake up.

We need friends in this world. A real friend won’t tell you what you want to hear but what is true. Rita is a true friend. She sees that which I am blind to in a given moment. Her integrity is beyond question. I thank G_d for the blessings in my life, and I thank G-d for Rita.

Dr. M.T., Florida

I met Rita last fall when I was 58.  When I met her I didn’t believe I would reach 60.  I had suffered from depression for most of my life.  I had flirted with suicide in my thoughts, but lately it was becoming more frequent.

Some part of me was trying to save me.  I went to see a friend, and when he asked me how I was doing, I told him that I couldn’t see the point in going on.  He just looked at me and said, “I want you to call this woman.  She can help.”  I said I would, but truly didn’t believe him.  No one could help.  I put off calling her for three days.  When I finally worked up the courage to call and spoke to her I immediately burst into tears.  She let me go on about my unhappiness, my depression.  Then she began speaking.  And she changed my life.  She saved my life – literally.

Now I know I will reach 60 and probably a good way beyond.  I have a job, I have friends, I have contentment and a serenity I didn’t believe was possible.  What she says makes sense, the path she showed me and has walked along with me has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for this incredible experience of life.  I’m not saying it’s been easy, sometimes it hasn’t been.  It’s hard work, sometimes it can be frustrating, sometimes I felt it wasn’t working at all – until one day I realized that I wasn’t thinking about suicide anymore and hadn’t been for weeks.  Instead I was thinking about ways to change, ways to improve my life, to become conscious of my life – every day, to become present in my own life.

The joys and the rewards are manifest.  This work and the path Rita showed me saved my life.  I can truly say that without her, I wouldn’t be here writing this today.

C.J., Atlanta, Georgia

What can one expect from Rita Friedman, and spending time with her?  I can only speak on my personal experiences. I am a divorced woman with three grown children, and a business owner.  I started five different businesses, four were pre-Rita.  My current business is VERY successful and in fact has a waiting list of clients! It is in the area of Social Media – managing Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and an online directory.

What has Rita taught me: PRACTICAL Application.  I believe the most important point is to be positive.  HOW to be Positive in thought, speech, and deed.  Sounds easy?  Not so much.  If you focus on the positive, then positivity will come back to you.  You start a chain of events. You are what you think about.  So think positive!

Rita may give you a book to read… READ IT! Rita may give you a CD… LISTEN TO IT! Rita may text you… SAVE IT! Rita may spend time with you… Take notes! Rita may give you a journal… WRITE IN IT! Rita can only lead… YOU have to do the work.  And believe me… it’s work.

There has NEVER been a time that Rita has not positively affected my life.  Whether on the phone, in texts, in person, it doesn’t matter; there is always some food for thought… some little nugget you receive, just by being around her.

She has taught me a better way to live my life.  That there is really only Now.  It sounds so simplistic but it really isn’t.  To have pure awareness, to slow down, to be in the moment, that there really is no dualism of reality.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow is not here.  There is only now.  Right now.  This very moment.  You WILL change this moment, the question is HOW will you change it?  By the time you have finished reading this, you will be different than you were when you started reading this.  What will you do now?  Who are you now?

K.F., Atlanta, GA

Rita’s suggestions and insights have been a great help to me in connecting some dots which have needed connecting for some time.  It has been a great help to have her unbiased perspective for drilling down on specific incidents and also her general cosmic view.  Her ongoing support has been invaluable.

K.P., Atlanta, GA

I met Rita one year ago and I met her under duress.  I learned of Rita through my chiropractor who was working to straighten my spine.  Always researching new approaches and techniques to “fix” my Multiple Sclerosis (MS), I learned that if I “pictured” a certain movement in my mind together with exercise and strengthening techniques, I could create new nerve pathways and begin to heal myself.  Thinking I was doing well, I was shocked when my chiropractor told me that I would never improve if I didn’t start doing the truly hard work by looking within.  He suggested that I begin working with Rita.

Looking back to the first few times I worked with Rita, I probably spent more time thinking about how I was wasting my time and how I could nicely tell her and my chiropractor that it wasn’t working for me.  When nice didn’t work, I decided to poke holes in our discussions about ego, staying in the Now, and quantum physics, and to divulge as little as possible.  Finally, I found a way to take a formal break.

After a week or two had passed, I was most surprised that I found myself missing our conversations, learning things about myself that I had never addressed before, and discussing materials Rita had given me to read.  One year later, I  look forward to our time together and it has made a marked change in my life.  I now know what the ‘hard work’ means and it is a life-long process.   Oh, one last thing, I have also created new nerve pathways.

K.R., Atlanta, GA

I began working with Rita with a deep knowing that connecting with her was going to be a profound shift in my life path. I was feeling lost, “less than”, and making choices that did not support the beauty-full, healthy and happy life I desperately wanted to create. I realized I was stuck and not able to move beyond my disturbingly strong belief of unworthiness and need to “survive”. With each session, I became sponge-like, soaking up Rita’s soul wisdom, every word settling in deeper and deeper. As Rita’s words began to make sense, I felt divine messages come through for the first time in my life. God loves me. I deserve to be happy. I do not have to live my life based on the first 20 years of wounds and negative patterns. I have the gift of Free Will. I can choose to create a happy life and I am doing so, with profound gratitude and love.

D. S., Atlanta, GA