Meet Rita

A number of years ago, I came to an emotional crossroads in my life.  I could continue down a destructive path that would effect not only me, but my family – or I could change.  I chose the latter.

The events that led to this transformational change started with my then-15-year-old daughter.  As anyone who has ever raised a teenager knows, it can be a challenging time.  It pushed a trigger within me that was dark.  Her roller coaster mood shifts kicked in my own.  Our confrontations became more and more volatile and aggressive; as her hormones raged, so did my anger – becoming verbally abusive arguments that left me feeling deeply depressed and questioning the person I thought I was.

Always described as a “good” person, I struggled with my “alternate personality” when these arguments ensued.  Who was this person who could say these awful things to someone I supposedly loved?  I couldn’t seem to control what came out of my mouth.  After one particularly bad episode, I remember coming downstairs and sitting at the kitchen table where my youngest sat doing her homework.  The look on her face, along with my own feelings of shame and embarrassment led to an emotional breakdown.

For over an hour, I sat at the table sobbing and asking GOD to help me.  I hated the person and role model I had become.  I did not ask GOD to change my daughter or my family so they wouldn’t “make” me do these things, but I asked that strength, courage and wisdom with understanding would be given to me so that I could change.

In hindsight, I now know that was the single most defining moment in my life.  What I didn’t truly understand at the time was that by asking GOD to help me change myself – not others – I could change everything.

I wish I could say the arguments “miraculously” stopped, but they didn’t.  What had changed, however, was me.  I was committed to this change.  When these arguments occurred, I refused to be sucked in.  No matter what was said to me, I would not respond in a negative way.  What I noticed almost immediately was that when I calmed down, my daughter automatically calmed down as well.  This was an energetic occurrence that I would later come to understand as FORCE + FORCE = MORE FORCE, and likewise, FORCE + NO FORCE = DISSIPATION OF FORCE.

It was during this time that a number of books started arriving at my door.  The first and most profoundly transformative was received out of sequence from the author’s intention, Practicing The Power of Now by Eckardt Tolle. To say it “turned on the lights” would be an understatement – it turned on the stadium!  The book changed my perspective from one of acquiring knowledge in order to change, to recognition that in order to change, one needed to be the change.  Shortly after I finished Praticing The Power of Now, a consecutive stream of books started entering my life.  Each offered a unique and profound message.  What I found fascinating about this process was that each book came to me in perfect order.  When one understanding was complete and applied, another would be introduced that built on the one that had come before.

During this time, not only was I changing, but so was my family and everything around me.  Most would say it was because my attitude had changed, but it was more than that.  I noticed that everything around me mimicked, to some degree, what was going on inside of me – good and bad!  Since no one wants the bad that comes to them, I started trying to understand why it came to me and how I could stop it.  This led me to a deeper comprehension of the workings of energy, or quantum physics.  To say I was surprised at the age of 52 to be studying quantum physics is a gross understatement.  (GOD does have a sense of humor!) 

I would like to make it clear that this is NOT about religion, although it is often a catalyst to this process.  This is about what makes our world function and what the human role is within it.  There are many modes and paths, but all are pieces of the whole put here by GOD to develop and evolve the soul toward completion or oneness.

This seven-year evolution of my soul has brought me to this point.  It became clear to me that if I can do this, so can you.  Many books are available about people who have transcended – describing where they are, but none offers a guide toward facilitating that.

I have spent the last two years putting together a process of positive energy that will move your life in a transformative direction.  This is not a quick fix.  Change can occur as quickly or slowly as the amount of resistance to change you apply.  It can be emotionally painful as you release the fears and “baggage” accomulated over a lifetime.  But just as giving birth to a child is known to be painful, the outcome  is worth the pain.  This is the birth of consciousness.

To strip the ego of its many layers and attachments, you must go with brutal honesty into those places of yourself you would rather avoid.  But, in order for change to occur they must be confronted.  We do this with a smile and gratitude (while we cry!) as we know that the end will result in no more pain, EVER.

I welcome you to your birth.