The Formula

Transcending the Boundaries of Self-Imposed Limitations

The Formula presents you with the opportunity to change in a deep, meaningful and lasting way. If you follow these steps, you will discover a fulfilling and joyous life. You can change everything in your life from the way you feel emotionally, to your life experiences, to your ultimate health. The Formula presents a process that will put you on the path to personal freedom.

Written in a clear and easily understood manner with focused intent, The Formula can take a negative pattern and shift it in a positive direction. The desire to change is the most important thing required of you in this process. You are the facilitator of your life experience. When you understand that your thoughts, actions, and deeds determine your direction in life and whether you move forward, you begin the conscious process of directing your life.

The Formula will provide the support and tools you will need to facilitate change in your life. It can happen today… this hour… this minute. The past is gone, the future is unknown, there is only the present. How will you live NOW? Download The Formula and begin your journey.